Why should you listen to a 50-something gay oddball from the Midwest? Give me two minutes.

Now there are a lot of other writers clamoring for attention on the internet. A fair number of them are probably better writers than I am, at least that’s what all those magazines that rejected me seem to tell me.

So, why bother reading what I have to say? Because it’s a viewpoint that you aren’t going to hear in many other places.

The downside of being gay and African American is that everyone thinks they know what you think. But in our modern 21st century, gay and African American people can have different views on everything. I’m a black man that thinks racism is still a problem in the United States, but I don’t know if reparations will solve anything and I have problems with Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project. I’m an openly gay man happily married and I’m an orthodox Christian. I still think religion is important in our society and I worry about its receding and what is taking its place. I’m on the center-right, but I reject Trumpism and think you can be conservative and believe in active government. I like Star Trek, cartoons, and anything transportation-related and I miss not being able to just talk to others about politics even when we don’t agree. Did I mention I like Star Trek?

If you want to hear the same ‘ole same ‘old or you want to hear from the journalist that’s been to 100 countries and can speak Xhosa easily, then you don’t want to read me. But if you want to read something from someone that is trying to figure out what he believes and where he fits, join me. If you want a perspective that is off-kilter, consider reading me. If you want a bit of whimsy (and let’s face it, you never see the word whimsy with the descriptor African American male, gay on the other hand…) keep reading these pages.

My name is Dennis Sanders, a Michigan native living in Minneapolis. I’m a minister of a small congregation in the area and a communications consultant. I hope you will enjoy News of the Sphere. I’m not the best writer, but I am far, far from boring.

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